All-Call sytem

SCS families,

This past summer SCS switched to a new all-call system and this morning was the first calling event.   The feedback I received from this call generally fit into the following categories:

  • I received the call.
  • I did not receive the call.
  • I received the call but it was from an out-of-state number (Arkansas) so I did not answer it.
  • I saw the call was from an out-of-state number.  I then waited for the voice mail which ended up being blank.

Once I collected this information I contacted our all-call company and made the following changes.

  • We updated the caller ID to show 269-488-7390 (our main district number).  Depending on your services, this may also list Schoolcraft Community Schools.
  • We looked into the voice mail issue and found the message had a delay before it played.  This delay likely caused voice mail systems to disconnect prior to recording the message.  To counter this, we added an intro message that will play prior to the recorded message.
  • We also verified our account sync to make sure all phone numbers and emails are listed correctly in our all-call system.

We will generally only make a voice call for morning cancellations.  Additional forms of communication will be through email, Facebook, our SCS App, the website (, and through text message (a feature which I did not include today but will for future events).  In addition, morning cancellations will be listed on WWMT and WoodTV8.  In the event you miss a call, text, or email, please contact your school office to report the issue. 

Thank you

James Weiss

Director of Maintenance and Technology