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Schoolcraft Community School's 2024-2025 School of Choice application is open from May 1st through May 30th.

Please complete the 105/105c School of Choice Application and turn it into the Administration Office. Please note there are limited seats offered in certain sections and the district may utilize a random draw for applications. See below for more information on the process.  

Michigan’s School of Choice program provides parents the opportunity to move their child from the school district they reside in to another school district.  Each local school district decides whether or not it will participate in School of Choice.  Schoolcraft Community Schools elects to participate in both the In-County and Out-of-County School of Choice programs. When deciding to send your child to any school district, review the district websites, visit the schools and meet district staff and review information on the MISchoolData website.  SCS is honored to note a strong history of School of Choice enrollments, where on average, a quarter of our student population are School of Choice families.  We are proud to be the school of choice for so many of our Eagles and their families.

For enrolling your child(ren) under either a 105/105c or Release Program please follow the following steps to ensure full consideration of your application.

  1. Contact the appropriate building(s) and talk to the Principal about your reason for transferring and to potentially set up a time to tour the facilities and meet with district personnel.

  2. Fill out the pre-enrollment forms on Final Forms

  3. Fill out the appropriate School of Choice paperwork

    1. 105/105c School of Choice – Only open during the advertised window

    2. If wishing to participate under a Non-Resident Release please contact your district of residence to see if this is an option

Families who apply under a School of Choice program will not be fully enrolled until they receive a decision letter. All decisions are final so families are strongly encouraged to be as thorough as possible during the application process. Lack of information or timely response may result in a denial. No appeals will be accepted, but families will be permitted to apply again the following school year, if desired. 

School of Choice 105/105c Programs Process: In-County and Out-of-County

The District accepts both in-county (105) and out-of-county (105c) School of Choice applications. This program is for students who reside in a District other than Schoolcraft with the Kalamazoo Regional Education Service Agency OR in a district serviced by a bordering ISD/RESA. Families who qualify include those who reside in any district serviced by one of the following counties ISDs/ESAs: Allegan Area ESA, Barry ISD, Calhoun ISD, Kalamazoo Regional ESA, Lewis Cass ISD, St. Joseph ISD, and Van Buren ISD. Please note that you may live in one county, but be serviced by another.

        Applications are accepted anytime within the advertised application window time frame. Applications are NOT processed on a first-come, first served basis. 

        Applications will be reviewed for accurate information and may involve contacting the student’s current school.

        Student acceptance is conditional until Schoolcraft Community Schools receives and reviews all school transcripts (HS only), attendance and discipline records.

        Once approved and enrolled, the student may remain in the Schoolcraft Community Schools through graduation. This does not prohibit the district from expelling a student for disciplinary reasons. 

        The number of seats available at each building and/or grade may be limited.

        Michigan law and Schoolcraft Community Schools agree that siblings should be kept together in a single district whenever possible. As such, siblings of current School of Choice students may receive preference in filing district openings.

        If the number of qualified non-resident applications eligible for acceptance exceeds the number of seats available, students who reside in the same household as students enrolled through Schools of Choice in the current school year will receive first consideration. A random draw system will be used to determine selection for the remaining spaces. A waiting list will be maintained for the remaining applications and prioritized through the random draw.

        Transportation is not provided for School of Choice students; parents must provide their own transportation.

        The Michigan High School Athletic Association required students in grades 10-12 to wait one year after enrolling in a new district (under School of Choice) before they can participate in any athletics that they played in the previous year. For more information, visit the FAQ’s on MHSAA’s website.

        Students that have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or develops the need for an IEP once attending, a cooperative agreement between SCS and the district of residence regarding the services and associated costs will need to be developed. If an agreement cannot be made between the two districts, the student will be expected to attend/return to the district of residence.

        The district reserves the right to deny an application based on a student’s suspension, expulsion, and attendance history.

Release Program Process: In-County and Out-of-County

If you would like to enroll your child at SCS under the release program please contact your district of residence to see if this is an option and for more information on their process. Please note under a release, enrollment is generally only guaranteed for the school year of enrollment.  Enrollment is not guaranteed in subsequent years. When the advertised application window opens you may choose to apply under a 105/105c School of Choice program to ensure enrollment through either graduation or withdrawal. However, this does not prohibit the district from expelling a student for disciplinary reasons.

This program is also for SCS residents requesting their student(s) attend another school district. If the enrolling district participates with School of Choice, a release may not be required. Check with the enrolling district to verify their requirement. Once SCS receives a completed Resident Release Request form a decision will be made and a copy of the release will be emailed to the parent/guardian and the requested school district.

 After reviewing this information, if you still have questions about transfers and your School of Choice options, please do not hesitate to contact the front office at either the Elementary or Jr./Sr. High.