Week at a Glance: 7-12 Campus 2021-2022

During the 2020-2021 school year, the High School created a Week at a Glance document for our families and students to gain an overview of what was being covered in class, assignments during the week, and what due dates were approaching for tests, quizzes and projects. While Google Classrooms are used in most 7-12 classrooms, we have brought back the Week at a Glance for our families for all of our classes on the 7-12 campus.  

Our staff updates a summary of what they are covering each week by 4:15 P.M. every Monday. This document will be linked in to the 7-12 Campus’s section on the SCS website as well as linked in to our weekly newsletter. Please contact your child’s teachers if you have any questions with weekly assignments and due dates.  

You may access the Week at a Glance for the 7-12 Campus by clicking here.