Giving Tuesday at SCS

Are you looking to give locally for Giving Tuesday? Whether you are looking to give time, skills or money there are plenty of ways to give to our Schoolcraft Community Students and educators below!  Check back as this list may grow!

Schoolcraft Volunteer Needs:

District Opportunities

Volunteer Role



Sue Kedrowicz

(269) 488-7350

Schoolcraft Community Foundation

Donate time or money toward student scholarships.  Click here for more information!

Schoolcraft Alumni Association

Donate time or money toward the betterment of your alma mater! Click here for more information.


Volunteer Role



Laurie Feller

(269) 488-7250

Lunch/Recess Mentor

Eat lunch and/or play with our students.

Delayed Start - Activity Director

Identify and direct an activity during delayed start that the elementary students can participate in.

C.A.R.E. Vounteers

Read with students weekly to improve their fluency and comprehension!



Shannon McDonald

(269) 488-7300

Late Start Supervision

Act as another adult presence in the gym, cafeteria, or hallway.

Lunch/Recess Monitor

Act as another adult presence in the gym, cafeteria, or hallway.

Principal’s Pet Projects

Complete beautification efforts in and around the building (Paint, trim, build flower boxes, etc.)

Classroom Learning Center/Station Supervisors

Monitor/Facilitate classroom instructional stations

Late Start Activity Provider

Facilitate varied Late Start Day activities



Sue Kedrowicz

(269) 488-7350

Lunch Monitors

Enjoy the company of students in the lunchroom. 10:45 to 12:10 Daily - All or part accepted.

Delayed Start Activities Monitor

Parent volunteers to lead activities for students during delayed starts - games.

Lunch - Gym Supervision

Supervise students while they play in gym during lunch