Food Service Information

Each student in the Schoolcraft Community Schools

has a food service student account and number.
We encourage parents to send payments by check
to fund your child’s account before school starts on
September 2nd. Make your checks payable to
“Schoolcraft Food Service” sealed in an envelope
and drop off at any building office. If you have more
than one child in the district, you may use one check,
but note how you want the money divided for each
student. Please remember to include your student’s
names and grades or account numbers. Any negative
or positive account balances from last year have
carried over to this new school year. You may also
check your student’s account online with a user name
and password as well as make payments. You can
get to the account through the food service web page
under lunch account status. Questions about student
accounts may be directed to Brenda Lynn at
269-488-7343 or
RICES: K—5 $2.50
6-12 $2.75 Milk .35
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Please make sure that your children have had
breakfast prior to school. We do offer breakfast at
school for $1.25. We follow the nutrition guidelines
for lower sugar, lower calories, lower fat and we offer
more fruits and grains. Here are some facts about
• Skipping breakfast makes kids feel tired,
restless and irritable.
• Children who eat breakfast perform better
on standardized achievement tests and have fewer
behavior problems in school.
• Breakfast eaters have better daily intake of
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and D and the minerals iron
and calcium.
• Breakfast is important because your body
needs a source of energy after going the whole night
without food.
• People that do not eat breakfast have
considerably less energy then the people who do.
• Breakfast helps people meet their daily
dietary requirements for vitamins and minerals while
keeping the amount of fat and cholesterol down.
So help your kids feel good and feel happy, let them
eat breakfast at school to get their day started off right.