Good morning, fellow Eagle members!!

You may have just received an application in the mail to request a ballot for the May 4 election (see attached).  If/when you get it, please be sure to fill it out and mail it so you can receive a ballot to vote by absentee.  On Tuesday, May 4 (or before by absentee ballot), voters in the KRESA service area will be asked to vote on the renewal of a six-year, 1.5-mill property tax to help fund the cost of special education in local school districts. You may recall, this millage first passed in 2015 and has substantially helped pay for the costs of special education in our service area.

Attached is a Frequently asked Question (FAQ) document that covers the key information.  Feel free to share the FAQ. However, if you do share it, please be sure not to tell someone how to vote, as that would break the Campaign Finance laws. As a public institution, we need to remain neutral on political issues, such as this. Absentee ballots will be mailed to voters who are on the pertinent absentee voter list soon (about six to eight weeks before the election). If you are not on the absentee voter list, you can request your ballot for any reason - find out how at

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Full FAQ:

Sample Ballot: