Schoolcraft Community 

On behalf of the Board of Education, we want to thank you for your help and support during the process to select our new superintendent. Here’s a recap of what we’ve accomplished to find the right person to lead our district:

·        Mid-December 2020: We posted the superintendent job based on input from school staff, parents and the community.

·        January 15, 2021: We closed the superintendent search.

·        January 18: The Board of Education met in closed session to review applications from the 20 candidates who applied for the role. During open session, the Board selected six candidates to take the next step.

·        January 19-31: We performed background checks and interviews with Humanex to identify the candidates’ talents and strengths. 

·        February 1: The Board met in closed session to hear the results of the Humanex and background checks. After much discussion, the Board decided to move forward with three candidates: Kyle Corlett, Rick Frens, and Matt Webster.

·        February 16: Parents, community members and school staff conducted interviews with the three candidates.

·        February 22: The Board conducted additional interviews with the candidates.

On March 1, the Board met in another closed session to review reference checks for each candidate. The session was closed to protect confidential information about the candidates. After a thorough discussion about each candidate and their references, the Board returned to open session and voted to move Candidate C forward as our next superintendent. The Board then authorized Jason Walther, Wade Rutkoskie, and me to meet with all three candidates in person to provide them with feedback from their interviews and inform them of our decision.

It is my pleasure to announce that Rick Frens, Hamilton Public Schools Middle School Principal, will be our next superintendent. We are excited about everything Rick will bring to our district, and we look forward to partnering with him to educate and empower each EAGLE to be successful in life. The Board will be working closely with Rick to solidify his contract and start date.

Please join me in welcoming Rick to our school district and community!

 Jennifer Gottschalk

Schoolcraft Board of Education President