Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle nominees have been honored for a wide range of contributions to the school district and community that stood out as “soaring” among others. This nominee is being recognized for helping countless students to “soar”.  From helping students to learn their letters to helping them learn to drive, Krystal Parker has… helped!

We all believe that students learn differently and learn at different rates and Krystal helped honor them over the years as she, among many things, provided tiered support in reading and math.  Beyond helping them master those skills, she helped them to believe in themselves.  Krystal truly cared about each and every student as if they were her own.  Sometimes it’s hard to soar without the help of others and for many, Krystal was that other caring adult that they needed.

It’s with great pleasure that we celebrate Krystal and her years of dedication to our Eagles that needed her the most. 

Krystal, thank you for loving, supporting, and caring for our students over the years. Your contributions are immeasurable!