Soaring Eagle

Schoolcraft High School is proud to honor this Soaring Eagle whose energy and positivity are not only infectious, but encapsulates all of those who surround her in joining her passion for all things Purple and Gold.  According to one of her colleagues, "Next to Larry Harris, she is probably the most dedicated fan of all Eagle athletics.  She really loves the high school environment" regardless of the capacity in which she serves the school.   

Over the course of a career, it is too easy to develop a malaise about the work you do or the community you serve.  However, with this Soaring Eagle, her commitment has only increased and her adaptability within a dramatically changing education system demonstrates her willingness to do what needs to be done to support all Eagles.  

This Soaring Eagle demands excellence and integrity for all of those with whom she comes in contact.  Her attention to detail is so significant and her pride in the place she works is so elevated that she has been known to adjust the chairs in the High School Principal's office because, according to her, "People need to know this is a place of dignity and are done with order and precision."  This moment typifies this Soaring Eagle as the same attention to detail to the chairs in the Principal's Office is indicative of the careful eye she places into Pupil Accounting, student scheduling, and keeping tabs on our Eagle student-athletes.  

Our Soaring Eagle nominee has an ability to make people feel heard while communicating in a clear and dignified manner.  It is through the lens of 34 years of service to Schoolcraft Community Schools that she process our daily work always being mindful of preserving the best parts of our collective history to enhance our current accomplishments.  


We are proud to honor Barb Goldschmeding as a Soaring Eagle and appreciate her contributions to Schoolcraft Community Schools.  Barb is an exceptional current keeping our Eagles soaring above all others.