Rita Broekema

This recipient epitomizes our district values:  She is extremely compassionate and cares for others.  Her family is at her core as well as her faith. She is as honest and reliable as they come.  Accountability is this person’s middle name. She is always striving to learn new ways and continually reflects on current practices and how she can get better.  While we sometimes bicker at one another she knows I love her and I know that she loves me. We both use our humility and move forward. As noted, Rita Broekema has a moral compass.  I can’t say that she takes risks or we would always be in the red. She truly believes and strives for excellence. She is a worker and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Rita B. has an extremely important job managing the district’s 11 million dollar budget.  She doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. If you know Rita she has her first dollar she ever earned. That is how she works with our budget. She runs it as if it were her personal budget. I wouldn’t trade that approach if I could. Under her leadership we have earned the last few years state level recognition for being exemplars in school finance.  She is all in and truly bleeds purple and gold. Having her three daughters graduate from here and residing in Schoolcraft certainly shows her commitment. She truly believes in accountability and practices it daily. Rita B. communicates effectively with all stakeholders.  

For those of you who know Rita she has gone through some tough times of late.  As a celebration, she just finished her last treatment for cancer today. She is such a warrior and this disease didn’t beat Rita.  She has used her faith and her friends/family as support during this time. While she had to leave work for treatment, it didn’t phase her production.  She dug in and continued to work throughout this time.  

Rita is my go-to gal.  She is extremely talented, funny, loving, supportive, hard-working and the list can go on and on.  I love her very deeply and am honored and blessed to have her in my life.  

This is what some administrators and staff had to say about Rita:

She is a positive influence and her impact reaches so far beyond the perimeters of her primary job description that it is almost impossible to fully capture a description to explain it to those who do not know her and all she does.

Her compassionate manner and warm welcoming presence is one of the first greetings and realities that new staff members experience.  The amount of grace and support she extends to all staff people is an example for all of us to follow.  

She has volunteered in my classroom for the past 10 years.  She connects her expertise into the classroom with ease and students enjoy having her in the class. Her enthusiasm for her profession is contagious.   She is a genuine leader who helps everyone. She has a great attitude, great sense of humor, and is a role model for students and staff. We are lucky to have her at Schoolcraft Community Schools!

She has been through a lot lately but she is a very strong very upbeat person and very godly individual  which is the reason she is beating cancer. If you have any problems just go to her and she always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in any way that is needed. She is my life saver and I love her for all she is.

Since coming to Schoolcraft, this person has been a source of warmth, compassion, and optimism.  As I transitioned into my new role, she shared a valuable perspective, a gentle nudge, and a welcoming spirit.  These attributes are admirable among people who are not going through half of what life has thrown her way. In spite of how difficult a day might be, she has always ended each day with “We get to come back and make it great tomorrow.”  This spirit not only contributes to the positive energy of the Schoolcraft community, but distinguishes herself among her peers.  

When I think of this person I think of one cent.  This person keep us all on track with our purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices (and in that order thank you very much).  She is also personally offended if one cent goes missing. But most importantly, Rita been sent to make every day at SCS a better day.

Please join me in acknowledging Rita Broekema as a true Soaring Eagle!!!