Soaring Eagle Barb Medema

Schools are full of unsung heroes.  Individuals that make a school year a success but don’t necessarily earn the credit they deserve for their contributions.  Schoolcraft Elementary is no different.  

Tonight we are honoring and recognizing Barb Medema for her unsung contributions to Schoolcraft Elementary School for the past 27 years.  27 years of service among the food service team in the district means impacting a lot of lives.

Roughly estimating, Barb served 1, 700,000 lunches in her time here.  More importantly, Barb served every single one of those lunches with a smile, a warm greeting, and love.  Think about that.  Teachers get to impact 25 students a year.  Barb impacted 350 a day!

There's not a single student that makes their way through our lunch line without Bard wishing them a good day, saying hello, or... encouraging them to take the vegetables!

You can try to replace 27 years of experience but it’s hard.  You simply can’t replace Barb’s wonderful personality and commitment to our children!

 Barb is an Eagle… and certainly, one that soars!  

On behalf of all of us in Schoolcraft and all of the students that ever were greeted with one of those warm welcomes, Thank You!