Kievit Soaring Eagle

Mary Kievit is a servant leader.  This time it is within our Schoolcraft Middle School lunch program for many years.  Mary embodies the meaning of service when we talk about FOOD SERVICES here in Schoolcraft.  

Beyond the obvious aspects of preparing and presenting food in a school cafeteria, Mary has been a constant beacon of compassion and care to thousands of children over the years.  Whether a student may not have had a lunch or their account was in need of refurbishment, Mary was faithful to advocate for the needs of ALL of her kids to see that students did not go hungry. 

Mrs. Kievit will be missed greatly by the staff and students of Schoolcraft Middle School next year.  It will be hard to envision our cafeteria without her kind smile and her steady hand on the wheel. All those who know and love Mary, wish her blessings for the very best in her retirement. 

Please join me, On behalf of all the lives touched and served over the years, Thank you Mary Kievit on a job well done in a life of service to others. Rest well in your retirement knowing that YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!