Soaring Eagle Award Kristin Caroselli

We would like to honor one of our master teachers tonight as a Soaring Eagle award winner.  To help me tell the story of why Mrs. Caroselli I am going to read a number of statements from some of our staff:   

As a school leader, I greatly appreciate Kristin’s honesty, creativity, and open-mindedness.  She and I have work on a variety of projects that have required a trusting partnership that has led to wonderful outcomes for students and teachers.  Kristin’s ability think outside herself on behalf of the students, school, and district make her an incredible teacher-leader. 

I am lucky enough to call Kristin a teammate and a friend. Kristin is always a team player. She is always willing to share her ideas and celebrate the successes of others. Kristin goes out of her way daily to help our fourth-grade team. She considers every single child in fourth grade her student and cares about them deeply. - Taelor

I love that Kristin can laugh!!  Working with her on a team is always so enjoyable.

Kristin is honest, kind and thoughtful.  She works hard as a teacher and as a teacher advocate in our union.  I appreciate how dedicated she is to working with her staff to listen with kindness and reason.  She is great with her students and the parents of her students she teaches.  We are so blessed to have her on our staff and as a leader in our district.  You are super deserving of the Soaring Eagle award, Kristin.  Thanks for being you. :)  - Jennifer Sportel

Knowing Kristin as a parent of kids that have had her and a coworker, I can attest to the fact she is an amazing teacher. The care and love she has for all her students is beyond measure and she has patience that we all admire. She truly puts her students first and wants all of them to succeed. As a coworker, she is always there to listen and can make everyone laugh. Kristin is a gift to this district and everyone that comes in contact with her.

As the superintendent I have gotten to know Kristin very well as she has served as the union president for most of the years that I have been here.  Kristin is no-nonsense person.  She holds herself to high standards and believes that as an educator we need to be true professionals that are customer friendly to our parents and most importantly to our students.  She is a great communicator.  She always has a listening ear and communicates concerns in a professional manner.  She always seems to make herself available.  She works countless hours for the betterment of our students and organization.  I know sometimes that has gotten into family time and I want to thank Pete her husband and her kids (Dominac and Anna) for allowing a little of this to take place.  I don’t have to tell you that you have an awesome wife and mother. 

Let me go on about Kristin - Her leadership in our organization is unmatched.  She is very active in school and district improvement and also leads our teacher union group.  She has always been open for positive change and believing in our mission, vision, values, beliefs and strategic focus as a district.  We have made tremendous strides in educating our children because of Kristin’s leadership and influence. 

I also can speak to her as a parent.  She taught Maeve and we were so blessed to have her help Maeve grow as a student academically but more importantly as a person.  Trying to get Maeve out of her shell and to not be so shy was a challenge.  Well Kristin I am here to tell you what you and the others have done is amazing. She is an excellent educator who is always reflective of her work.  She is an excellent team member always striving to build and grow others. 

Would all of you please join me in acknowledging Kristin Caroselli as a true Soaring Eagle in our district.