Mobile App

Schoolcraft Community Schools Enhances Communication Strategy to Share Student Stories

Schoolcraft Community Schools has recently launched a new website and app to increase parental engagement through the use of technology. It is a part of a larger effort to inform the Schoolcraft Community Schools community of the positive stories that happen inside the District. The administration announced in June the release of a new mobile app for iPhone and Android with school information such as events, sports scores, cafeteria menus, emergency notifications, and other pertinent information.

Schoolcraft Community Schools is taking this initiative to engage community members on the devices and social networks they use most. A ComScore study shows that Americans use mobile technologies at twice the rate of desktop computers, and a Pew study shows that 65 percent of adults use social media. With the newly adopted tools, the administration and teaching staff can share across all of these communication channels.

The free mobile apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store have launched alongside a revamped, mobile-friendly website. Community members can expect to see more positive stories and regular updates from the district!