Soaring Eagle Award Nick Perez

The first person we would like to recognize is a Class of 1998 Schoolcraft graduate.  This recipient exemplifies the true definition of servant leadership. Robert Greenleaf describes as servant leaders as those that embody leadership characteristics, capacities, attitudes, and values such as trust, deep listening, foresight, caring, accountability, and balance. By leading in a way that truly serves others, such leaders develop human possibilities — in themselves and in others.  

Nick Perez is a Soaring Eagle as he leads by example.  He demonstrates core values and helps teach our youth how to better people in his role of being the Rocket Football President.  He has developed many positive relationships with community partners. He was instrumental in the stadium bleacher project donating many hours of his time and extremely efficient work ethic. Nick was not only a huge part in the success of  removing the bleacher boards but also coming to our stadium and helping remove our old bleacher boards as well. Nick has also gone to great lengths to improve our stadium thru community based clean up projects. He is passionate about our community and our youth.   Nick is a very humble and selfless man who deserves to be recognized as one of our own Soaring Eagles. Please join me in acknowledging Nick Perez as a Soaring Eagle.