Elementary Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Elementary Drop-Off & Pick-Up
The Elementary School will follow the same drop-off
and pick-up procedures as last year. To ensure the
safety of all of our children, the school asks that you
be mindful of the following procedures:
Drop-off/Pick-up traffic travels East to West on Clay
Street. This is done to ensure that all students can
enter/exit curbside without crossing the street.
Students may be dropped off as early as 7:45 AM for
our 8:00 AM start time. Car riders dismiss at 3:00 PM.
Please refrain from using cell phones while in the car
line. Help us avoid accidents and injury by being
hands free in this zone. The elementary school uses
3 entrances for student arrival. Please pull as far
forward as the line allows knowing that all 3 entrances
are supervised by staff ensuring your child’s safe
arrival! Drivers are to stay in their cars during pick-up
and drop-off. Students will come to the vehicle while
being supervised by our staff.
We thank you for following our procedures. Nearly
25% of our students are car riders at any given point
in time. When all the systems above are followed it
helps ensure that all of those students experience a
safe and swift to and from school experience