Athletic Participation Fee

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dear Schoolcraft Community Schools Families, 

We are fortunate to have a robust athletic program that  not only provides important learning lessons as an extension of the classroom but has filled more trophy cases than the High School has available.  Our collection of accolades and the manner in which our coaches support our student-athletes are certainly not mutually exclusive.  SCS is committed to continuing our support of our student-athletes, families, and coaches by ensuring our kids have all of the tools and resources in setting the conditions for success leading up to and during competition.  

Amidst the transition of returning to school during a pandemic and planning for, pausing planning, and resuming planning for our fall sports season, communication around the Athletic Participation Fee was done through our head coaches. As a school team, we aim to provide greater clarity on this fee and its application to support our athletic programming. 

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, all students participating in interscholastic athletics are required to pay an Athletic Participation Fee.  Participants are required to pay $75 per athlete or $150 maximum per family for the entire school year.  The Board of Education agreed to the Athletic Participation fee as a means to off-set costs of athletic programming.  With the desire of ensuring our student-athletes can compete at high-levels, the fee was important to continue maintaining the standard for excellence established at Schoolcraft Community Schools.  

Athletics have never intended to be a “for-profit” venture.  Typically, ticket revenue goes back into the District's General Fund to off-set expenses incurred by programs in the Athletic Department.  Between coaches salaries, the athletic trainer’s salary, uniform and equipment purchases, transportation costs, officials fees, facility maintenance, coaching staff training, and tournament entry fees, the dollars expended help maintain our levels of programming during an uncertain school funding time period.  

SCS is fortunate to have a full-time Athletic Trainer supporting our Middle School and High School student-athletes.  Our partnership with Bronson Sports Medicine provides our student-athletes with important on-campus medical attention and easier avenues for appointments to orthopedic specialists.  As a Board-Certified Athletic Trainer, Jordan Love ensures our student-athletes perform at optimal levels, minimizing the amount of time from an injury to their return to play.  This in-district service is vital at keeping our student-athletes healthy and maximizing their time to participate in athletics.  

All coaches have been provided with Jordan’s contact information.  While our practice and game-day sites cover a large area, Jordan is on-call for any issue that may occur.  Typically, the host school is responsible for providing medical personnel; however, not all schools employ an Athletic Trainer.  Jordan’s primary duty is to support on-campus student-athletes, although she will travel, at times, to away venues in support of our teams when we are not hosting home events.  Student-athletes requiring Jordan’s attention, may communicate through their coach or directly to Jordan’s email address at for identifying a need to receive care.  In knowing what student-athletes need attention, Jordan will arrange for either on-site treatment at the High School or Middle School or come to the student-athlete’s practice session.  

SCS must receive payment for the Athletic Participation Fee prior to the student-athlete participating in a scrimmage or contest in their sports season.  With the unusual circumstances presented by COVID-19 and our return, postponement, and resumption of fall athletics, our fall sports collection is nearly fully completed.  If a family qualifies for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program or has a financial hardship, they may contact the Superintendent’s Office for a waiver of the Fee.  

Schoolcraft is grateful for the abundance of support our students and student-athletes receive in all of their respective activities.  We appreciate your support for all of our Eagle student-athletes and athletic teams.  

Go Eagles! 

With best regards, 

SCS Administration 

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