Karson Leighton

Schoolcraft High School is fortunate to have students who, amidst balancing rigorous curricular schedules maintain active participation in extracurricular activities.  Of the excellence navigating our halls, one student distinguishes himself above his peers.  

This Soaring Eagle shares an immense responsibility to making Schoolcraft High School the best it can be.  In spite of being closer to graduation than further way, this member of the Class of 2020 continues to invest his time, energy, and commitment to being an Eagle through providing input, insight, and recommendations on how to enhance the high school experience.  This student maintains a commitment to his peers and future Eagles with his involvement in the Superintendent's Advisory Committee, his work with the Student Council, and in being an active leader of our student cheering section.  Even though he could forgo providing input for the betterment of our building, his investment in our school community demonstrates his commitment to present and future Eagles.  

Our school is fortunate to have a student who dares to pursue excellence for himself and those around him.  In addition to taking a full time dual enrollment schedule, this Soaring Eagle remains invested in SHS.  This student has the courage to challenge the status quo by being one of the only students to provide input on the District's Strategic Plan and goals for 2020.  Through this experience, the student reflected on the quantity of upperclassmen out of the building pursuing off-campus programs.  This observation came not only with insight, but was coupled with action as the next day after this Soaring Eagle mentioned this, he was found in school during a down period between KVCC classes just so, according to him, he "could interact with my fellow Eagles."  

Regardless of where his future takes flight, this Soaring Eagle embodies the values our school community aspires.  As a school, we are certainly in a better place because of Karson Leighton's impact and influence on the Eagles of today and tomorrow.