Soaring Eagle Jennifer Gottschalk

The person that we would like to honor this month as a Soaring Eagle is someone who is deeply rooted here at Schoolcraft.  They certainly honor our district/community values.  This person can be described as very passionate, a visionary leader, relentless, caring, courageous, committed, a doer, and always pushing for excellence.   

For nearly 2 years, this person has worked tirelessly on the bond project/campaign. She has spent countless hours on the telephone and attending community events/meetings answering questions and making sure people understand the needs of the district and reason for the project. 

By now I think she knows that we are talking about her. Jennifer Gottschalk is an amazing person with a huge heart and is passionate about our community and making this a great town to be a part of.  

She has led a number of committees of parents, staff, community and board members to get us where we are today.  With one plan and a vote coming up on November 5th.  We wanted to lift Jennifer up for all that she has and continues to do for our district and community.  

Two Testimonials:

The first time I met Jennifer, I was five years old.  My family stopped to meet the Schug’s at their farm shortly after we moved to Schoolcraft. Jennifer was somewhat forcibly organizing her siblings and some neighbor kids in a game of kickball.

Not much has changed over the last four decades.  Jen is a born leader, the perfect combination of her two wonderful parents.  She has the command and tenacity of her dad, and the compassion and caring of her mom.  The stubbornness comes from both of them.

Jennifer has vision and passion for everything she does, and we are fortunate to have her as the leader of our school board and in our community. Wade Rutkoskie

JJ has always been like a sister to me.  Her strength and passion were evident all through our school days and especially the days at the farm.  I was beyond thrilled when she was elected to the school board.  I am proud of her and her commitment to Schoolcraft Schools, and especially proud to call her my friend. - Ryan

Jennifer has done an outstanding job leading the work to update our facilities.  What many people might not understand is that she, along with the board, has really led this charge and allowed myself and school personnel to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of the district.  This has been a huge help and has allowed us to truly concentrate on being educators.  

As Mark Fox says, Keep the “Push” going and thank you for all the hard work you are putting into the bond!  We are very proud to work with you. 

Thank you Jennifer.  Please join us in acknowledging Jennifer Gottscalk as our Soaring Eagle and don’t forget to vote on November 5th.