Soaring Eagle Lindsay Sanders

Is someone singing? Who made that artwork? That person was so nice, who is that?

Those are the sorts of questions we’ve heard around Schoolcraft this year and the answer to all of them is “Lindsay Sanders”! Lindsay has served as our district’s sub this year and in no time, she established herself as one of the happiest, most positive Eagles around!

Her assignment on a given day may be to lead a classroom but that has never stopped her from leading the morning announcements, picking up someone's playground responsibilities and answering the phones during lunch.  She does it all… and more importantly, she does it all with a genuine smile!

Genuine is the best word to describe Lindsay.  Her willingness to learn ALL student and family names and the way she leads classrooms JUST the way the teacher does is amazing. She is genuinely happy, genuinely enthusiastic to brighten others day, and genuinely caring for our students and this community.

We are genuinely going to miss her next year but wish her the very best as she takes on her new role in Nebraska this Fall.  

Thank you Lindsay… a genuine soaring eagle!