July 13, 2020

We’re making exciting progress on our program! Here’s an update on what’s happening.

Overall Project Status

  • We are so thankful to the many volunteers who have given their time to share feedback and suggestions with us. Thank you!
  • We received the first bills for the schematic design, and we are on budget so far.
  • For the foreseeable future, we will continue to meet via Zoom due to COVID. This approach is keeping us on task quite well.

7/8 Grade Addition to High School

  • The architect continues to work on the design documents.
  • The user group will meet in August for the final design presentation and budget update.

New Elementary K-6 Building

  • We have had two meetings with the steering committee and school staff about the new elementary building.
  • We reviewed overhead views of different building configurations and discussed a one-level versus a two-level building.
  • We discussed the “vibe” of our new elementary and the experience that we want for our kids and staff.
    • We reviewed six high-level concept design options with the group and narrowed the choices to 2-3 designs for further development.
  • Here is the feedback from the steering committee and school staff that the architect will use to create our guiding principles for the new elementary:
  • The image of the building should be:
    • Open and welcoming
    • Creative and innovative
    • Bright, colorful and energetic
    • The community impact of the building should be:
      • Functional, multi-purpose and flexible to meet as many needs as possible
      • Fiscally responsible and a great investment
      • Demonstrate school and community pride
    • The collaboration aspect of the building should be:
      • Flexible and adaptable
      • Multi-purpose with collaboration areas for teacher-to-teacher, volunteer-to-student, or volunteer-to-teacher interactions
      • Include a collaboration space dedicated to students
    • The building should meet the following needs:
      • Easy access to restrooms with automatic features, sinks, water, bottle filling stations
      • Spaces that are sized appropriately, such as counters, shelves, furniture, lockers, etc.
      • Open spaces and space to move
    • The building should accommodate the needs of students in grades 1-6:
      • Instructional flexibility with technology, furniture, and teaching arrangements
      • Flexible classrooms that are easily adjusted to suit multiple purposes
      • Windows and natural lighting
    • The building should accommodate the following staff needs:
      • Teacher-dedicated storage incorporated seamlessly into teaching environment
      • Availability of communication tools for teacher-to-teacher and teacher-to-admin use
      • Workspaces located between classrooms for teacher and student use
  • We will review the designs at the next user group meeting on July 22.

7/8 Gym

  • We continue to explore the best location for the gym in either the high school or new K-6 building.

Athletic Improvements

  • Our priority is the educational spaces, so this project is on hold for now.


We will continue to keep you informed about what’s happening with the bond program through:

  • Regular email updates
  • School board meetings
  • South County News Purple & Gold insert
  • School website and app
  • Schoolcraft Community Schools Facebook page
  • Bond Updates for SCS Facebook page
  • School newsletters (during the school year)

If you have questions about the bond program, please reach out to Jill VanDyken, Jennifer Gottschalk or Wade Rutkoskie at facilities@schoolcraftcs.org.

Thank you for your support of our schools and students! Go Eagles!