June 1, 2020

We hope that you and your family are enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine and are staying safe and healthy!

Here’s an update on what’s happening with the bond program for Schoolcraft Community Schools.

Overall Project Status

We are continuing to move forward with the bond program despite limitations from COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and support!

Please understand that we can only build based on the number of students authorized by the state of Michigan based on our enrollment projection for the next five years. We cannot plan our buildings for a potentially larger number of students in the future.

7/8 Grade Addition to High School

We held a feedback session with the volunteer committee on Thursday, May 28, and we have decided on a final plan.

Our plan for the 7/8 graders in the high school will accomplish the top three concerns expressed by parents in our survey:

  •  7/8 wing as separate as possible
  •  Security in building
  •  Larger classrooms

Because 45 percent of our high school students participate in off-campus programs (college classes, trades training, and co-op), we have available space in the high school with the addition to provide classrooms for students grades 7-12. We will reassign under-used classrooms as needed to maximize the use of the building. This is the most fiscally responsible approach to maximize our current classroom space without building more classrooms than we need.

Students in 7/8 grades will use the following existing spaces in the high school, eliminating the need to build new classrooms: science lab, lunch room, special education room, choir, band, art, media center, virtual learning room.

The 7/8 graders will have a separate bell schedule, lunch and recess schedule, so they will not be in hallways and common areas at the same time as the 9-12 graders.

We will be adding a handicapped accessible unisex bathroom at the entrance to the 7/8 grade wing next to the existing boys and girls restrooms in the 7/8 grade hall.

Current timeline:

  •  Detailed drawings from architect: June – November 2020
  •  Accepting bids: December 2020
  •  Construction begins: March 2021
  •  Addition complete: September 2021

New Elementary K-6 Building

We will kick off the design process for the K-6 building in mid-June.

7/8 Gym

  • We are exploring the best location for the gym and are considering both the high school and the new K-6 building as possible locations.
  • The design of the 7/8 grade competition-sized gym will be part of the K-6 design process.
  • Including the 7/8 gym in the K-6 building could be a more cost effective solution while creating a campus feel between the K-6 and 7-12 buildings.

Athletic Improvements

  • Our priority is the educational spaces, so this project is on hold for now.


  • We will continue to keep you informed about what’s happening with the bond program through:
  • Regular email updates like this one
  • School board meetings
  • South County News Purple & Gold insert
  • School website and app (we have retired www.scs-bond.com)
  • Schoolcraft Community Schools Facebook page
  • Bond Updates for SCS Facebook page (formerly the YES for SCS Facebook page)
  • School newsletters

If you have questions about the bond program, please reach out to Jill VanDyken, Jennifer Gottschalk or Wade Rutkoskie at facilities@schoolcraftcs.org.

Thank you for your support of our schools and students! Go Eagles!