Helpful links for parents of incoming students! Please make sure to complete these forms for your child's enrollment packet:

Pre-K and Kindergarten Info: This page has information about the Kindergarten and Pre-K enrollment process.

New student enrollment form: Please download, complete, and return this form to the main office of your intended school. 

Affirmation of prior discipline record: Please complete this form regarding issues with past discipline issues.

Transportation request: Please complete this form to identify transportation needs.

Records release: Please complete this form so Schoolcraft can request records from a prior school district.

Student acceptable use policy: Please complete this form so your child can be granted access to the school's computer network.

Permission to publish: Please complete this form to grant or deny permission to use your child's picture or work on the school website.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance: This form has information on student accident insurance coverage as well as information about the agency offering the insurance. Here is the direct link to their website: www.1stAgency.com

Summer Eagle Zone Registration: Use this form to register your child for summer Eagle Zone.

School Bus Request Forms: Use this form to register students to ride the school bus

Contact information

Has your address, email, or phone number changed? Please click on the link below to submit any changes. Please list under "Primary Phone" the number you would like used for any early morning or inclement weather alerts. If information has not changed, you do not need to fill in that portion of the form.

Contact Update Form